The annual Ad Spend Study, published by IAB Nederland in collaboration with Deloitte, shows that the growth in Digital-Out-of-Home in 2019 (read: DOOH) continues to rise by +35%. The Netherlands leads the way in this market; thanks to technological developments in the field of HTML5, countless new technical and creative advertising solutions are possible.



Throughout the Netherlands


HTML5 Game release

Impressive game release

In September and October 2019, Ubisoft’s HTML5 Ghost Recon Breakpoint (game release) campaign ran on the screens of Ocean Outdoor Nederland. A very fruitful collaboration between Ubisoft (advertiser), AGCS (creative agency) and Ocean.
For Ubisoft, it was the first time to deploy a campaign on large-format digital screens.

The goal was very clear; Set up a unique campaign, use the latest technology available, reach the right target group in an impressive and relevant way, generate interest and encourage people to buy the new game.


“Ubisoft Netherlands are really excited to be at the forefront of DOOH creative technology and campaigning. We see the combination of HTML5 and DOOH as really important in providing an engaging ad experience and raise awareness among our audience”

Milan van ValkenhoefUbisoft Esports & Live Brand Manager

During the initial talks between Ubisoft and Ocean, the parties extensively discussed the various games from Ubisoft and also the technical possibilities that DOOH offers today. Timeslot planning, dynamic deployment and HTML5 were discussed, among other things. By sharing this information with each other, the ultimate idea came about, after which AGCS was connected to provide the right support on a creative level.

Ubisoft case HTML 5 Den Haag Central Station - Ocean

A dynamic countdown clock

By understanding the essence of the game and, by extension, keeping the target group in mind, it was decided to deploy the campaign during peak hours at locations where this target group is overrepresented. Using the HTML5 connection allowed a dynamic countdown clock to be added to the message. The countdown clock counted down to the moment the game was released, on 22 screens throughout the Netherlands.

Ubisoft Case HTML 5 - Utrecht station Ocean

Maximum deployment of technological possibilities

Justin Campbell of AGCS not only developed the right assets to make the countdown clock dynamic, but the “character” of the game also changed every day in such a way that it was exposed a little further each time. As such, maximum use was made of the technological possibilities of HTML5, but the many creative assets of Ubisoft also came into their own.


“Through the combination of different assets and a countdown mechanism, we not only created a dynamic campaign, but we built towards the release of the game!””

Milan van ValkenhoefUbisoft Esports & Live Brand Manager
Den Haag de Passage countdown Ubisoft case


  • Amsterdam Central Station Double Flow
  • The Hague Central Station
  • Rotterdam Central Station
  • Utrecht Central Station
  • The Hague De Passage
  • Enschede de Klanderij
  • Westfield Mall of the Netherlands
  • Almere City FC

Around the time of the game’s release on 4 October 2019 00:00, 12 extra screens with a countdown clock were deployed.

Technical Advantages of HTML5

One of the main technical advantages of HTML5 is that it is easy to scale. For example, HTML5 speeds up the creation and implementation of DOOH ads and changes to text, images, video or other content can be made immediately. In addition, DOOH content is fully responsive, just like a web page, thanks to HTML5, so advertisements automatically adapt to the screen size.

This scalability is not only useful if you want to quickly adjust something, but also gives the possibility to have content adjusted on a local level.

Creative Advantages of HTML5

Thanks to HTML5, DOOH campaigns can also be set up much more creatively; for example, by adding augmented reality, the interaction with passers-by can be improved.

In addition, campaigns and messages can be set up hyper-locally by using, for example, real-time data about the weather, traffic, live sports results or flight schedules. The use of third-party data and software is therefore easy to integrate in advertising campaigns thanks to HTML5.


“The countdown was really cool and got a lot of response! Maybe next time, we can put a little more animation in the countdown to put more emphasis on that.”

Milan van ValkenhoefUbisoft Esports & Live Brand Manager

Relevance and creation merge

Collaboration between advertiser, creative agency and operator was optimally utilised in this campaign. Because the parties were already talking to each other at a very early stage, it was possible to align options and objectives. The result was a unique creative idea in which relevance and creation merge. It was essential that all parties understood not only each other’s strengths, but also the context of the campaign. Relevance, impact, speed and flexibility have been key factors throughout the process.

“We all made sure that it turned out to be a really cool big campaign. For example, on the day of the release, we got a lot of extra screens to give it an extra push! The communication between all parties was very clear and they constantly came up with suggestions.””

Milan van Valkenhoef – Ubisoft Esports & Live Brand Manager

“The future for creatives produced for DOOH is HTML5. Ubisoft Netherlands made use of the creative freedom it gave them by embracing its capabilities. It resulted in a production by AGCS that added relevance to the campaign using real-time data.””

Daan Krijnen – Head of Innovation, Ocean Outdoor Netherlands



Entertainment (formerly Ubi Soft) is a French developer and publisher of computer games. The company has 20 offices in 16 countries. Its head office is located in the French town of Montreuil. The company is the third-largest independent computer game publisher in Europe, the fourth-largest in the United States and the fourth-largest in the world.


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