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Here you will find tips, tools, inspiration and technical specifications to help you create the best campaigns for our screens. Our network consists of more than 335 different screens. Digital, video, print, large, small, square, landscape, portrait and round. This is because we optimally integrate the screens into the environment or architecture. Because of this diversity, many screens have a different resolution and creative possibilities. By designing the campaign based on the right specifications, you get the best out of your campaign. Our creative studio is always ready to help you. If you have any questions about specifications or possibilities for creation, please contact us.

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Resolution and safety margin

We have more than 170 different screens. Screens of different sizes and therefore a different resolution. By designing artwork based on the right specifications, you get the best out of your campaign. We use safety margins for many screens. In other words, a margin in the artwork so the content of the campaign is not cut off. After you provide the necessary resolutions for your campaign, we may scale the material for certain screens. By applying the right safety margins, we can scale your campaign without changing the content.

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is the ratio between the width and length of the image. It is also called the picture ratio. Ocean’s screens differ a lot in size and shape and are sometimes landscape, portrait, square or even round. By taking into account the correct aspect ratios in the specifications, the image can be optimally cropped or scaled during creation.

Bit rate and frame rate

Each screen has its own bit rate and frame rate. These include two parts that determine the quality of the video. Bit rate refers to the information transfer of the image. The higher the bit rate, the higher quality video is possible. For simple animations, a lower bit rate can generally be used than for full motion (video) images. This is because less information is needed for a simple animation than a full motion (video). Frame rate (frames per second/FPS) refers to the number of frames (images) per second. Film is made up of a sequence of frames. In simple terms, a higher frame rate gives a smoother and more beautiful image. In Europe, the standard of 25 frames per second generally applies, but some screens can play a higher frame rate. The optimal bit rate and frame rate are calculated for each screen.

Stills, animated stills, full motion

Different types of campaigns are possible, including: Stills are still or static campaigns consisting of one image. Animated Stills contain subtle animation to make the campaign more dynamic and grab the attention of passers-by. Full Motion campaigns contain moving images (video, animation, motion graphics) throughout the campaign. Interactive campaigns react to the movement or input of passers-by and involve passers-by in the campaign in an attractive way.


Don't have any campaign material but would you like to have a campaign prepared for the screens? Our design studio is happy to help you create a beautiful and effective campaign for the screens. It is also possible to translate an existing campaign to the various screens.

Screen context

When creating a campaign for the screens, it is important to take the environmental context of a screen into account. Some screens are located along the motorway where only limited movement in the content is allowed. And certain city or retail screens are integrated into the architecture in such a way that specific layout is required for an optimal campaign. The specifications indicate when specific guidelines for formatting the content apply.


We have various mockups so it is possible to test what a campaign would look like on the screens or to create artwork for a presentation. This can be in a photo or video mockup. So if you want to see what a message will look like on the screens, please contact us so we can provide you with the correct files.

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