“Who would have guessed that our first year of life as Ocean Outdoor Nederland would be so dynamic.” ” – Xavier Tilman

The first year as Ocean Outdoor Nederland was a very eventful one. The start of a great year was quickly overshadowed by a global pandemic. The consequences of this have affected everyone. The past year has seen many lows but also highs; we as a team have been able to experience both with you, our customers. That is why we want to look back together and we cannot forget the celebration of 1 year if Ocean!

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Xavier Tilman Joint Managing Director Ocean Outdoor Nederland – “It all started with the ambition to merge two media companies to become the number 1 in Digital Out of Home. After months of preparation, Ocean was able to present its ambitions to the market with a major event, The Urge to Show. This was followed by the opening of the brand new office at Parnassusweg, where we looked forward to receiving all our customers and sharing our plans. However, things changed when Covid-19 reared its ugly head: the business came to a standstill, employees had to work from home and it was (virtually) impossible to visit customers. Fortunately, Ocean was able to build on ingredients such as enormous resilience, creativity and a healthy dose of confidence both in our customers and in the future. I’m proud of the team we now have, the mountains of work they’ve done under difficult circumstances, the perseverance and the speed with which Ocean has been able to adapt to the new market conditions.”

Meindert van den Heuvel Joint Managing Director Ocean Outdoor Nederland – “What an amazing first Ocean year! From launch to lockdown. From new office to empty office. And that was just the first 6 months of the year. In the second half, we were able to show the USP of digital OOH and, by the way, also of Ocean – flexibility – in all forms. From SME support fund to Six Words holiday stories from our own country. From automated purchasing to performance models. In short, enough to be proud of, and ready for a 2nd Ocean year!”

For questions, please contact:
Marlies Smits: marlies.smits@oceanoutdoor.nl of +316 1076 6161.

Ocean Outdoor Nederland

Ocean Outdoor Nederland is the market leader in Digital-Out-of-Home (read: DOOH), the fast-growing specialisation within Out-of-Home. With a national network of 164 locations and 286 screens along motorways and in the cities, we reach millions of people each day.
Ocean Outdoor Nederland attaches great importance to quality and innovation. That is why we continuously invest in the latest DOOH technology and research opportunities for advertisers, media agencies and contracting authorities.
Ocean Outdoor Nederland is part of Ocean Outdoor Limited with offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany.

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