Amsterdam, January 2021 – Nightwatch, the Extreme, 100% vegetable energy drink, uses the current curfew to launch its new campaign.

The new Nightwatch campaign started on the national digital Ocean network last weekend. A campaign that is only broadcast after 21:00 and that focuses on people with essential professions who are allowed to be on the street. In short, people who could use some extra energy. The campaign runs until 9 February.

The concept of House of Sports is as brilliant as it is simple. Time-limited advertising is not only efficient because it is a 100% match with the target group, it is also a token of appreciation for the people who are there for us at night. Positive energy.

Daniel Hazewindus, Nightwatch: “It’s in everyone’s interest to know there is a new generation of energy drinks. House of Sport, Ocean and Mickely & Partners lend a hand! You too?”

Meindert van den Heuvel, Ocean: “These are the USPs of digital advertising. Flexible, creative and efficient. Makes the curfew a little nicer.”

Concept House of Sports, DTP Mickely & Partners


Nightwatch is the new, 100% vegetable energy drink made from the leaf of the guayusa (gwhy-you-sa). Guayusa is a caffeinated leaf that grows in the Amazon rainforest, where the Quichua tribe has used it for centuries to keep their instincts keen when hunting, guarding their villages at night, or during rituals. These men are therefore called the Night Watchmen’.

Nightwatch gives you more energy and focus in every moment without the highs and lows of coffee and artificial energy drinks. As a result, Nightwatch fulfils the existing need for an energy drink with a 100% vegetable product. Nightwatch extreme energy, for focus and power. Drink positive energy. Drink Nightwatch.

Nightwatch is for sale at festivals, catering establishments, all leading retailers and online at

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