Amsterdam – From 1 April 2020, Ocean will start operating the screens of the entire bus and tram network in the vehicles of the Amsterdam GVB. In the current network, Ocean now has approximately 150 buses with a total of 428 screens; 1,240 screens will be added by April: 155 trams with 8 screens each.

This brings the number of screens operated by Ocean to 1,688 screens spread over 308 GVB vehicles. The GVB carries 162 million passengers annually, divided into 50 million bus passengers and 112 million tram passengers. The number of bus passengers is expected to increase by more than 10% in the next 5 years and the number of tram passengers by as much as 20%.

Esther Wiersma – Senior Marketeer GVB: “We’re thrilled to continue our collaboration with Ocean. They’ve been taking care of the commercial content on the screens in the buses for us to our complete satisfaction for some years now, and from 1 April, the screens in the trams will also be added. Ocean is a reliable and innovative partner who knows how to deal with the complex travel information systems in which the commercial content runs. The operation of the commercial space provides us with the necessary additional income. This is most welcome in this time of declining subsidies.”

In addition to the GVB, Ocean’s portfolio also includes the networks of Keolis Twents with 278 screens and a weekly reach of over 300,000 bus passengers, Syntus Utrecht with 200 screens and a weekly reach of 180,000 bus passengers, allGo Almere with 210 screens and a weekly reach of 175,000 bus passengers. From April 2020, the total bus and tram network has 2,376 screens and an annual reach of more than 196 million passengers.

Ocean Outdoor Nederland

Ocean Outdoor Nederland is the market leader in Digital-Out-of-Home (read: DOOH), the fast-growing specialisation within Out-of-Home. With a national network of 163 locations and 283 screens along motorways, in public transport, shopping centres and city centres, we reach more than 20 million people each day.
Ocean Outdoor Nederland attaches great importance to quality and innovation. That is why we continuously invest in the latest DOOH technology and research opportunities for advertisers, media agencies and contracting authorities.
Ocean Outdoor Nederland is part of Ocean Outdoor Limited with offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany.

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Marlies Smits: of 06 1076 6161.

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