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Ocean Nederland is a week old! Last week, we made a spectacular announcement to let the world know we’re here!

After months of preparation, you were able to enjoy our launch event last week, during which we moved from The Drop to The River and ended up in The Ocean. This event also marked the start of the introductory campaign The Urge to Show, of which you will be seeing and hearing much more in the near future. As a digital OOH market leader, Ocean is committed to promoting the versatility and effectiveness of our medium.

The Urge to Show

The Urge to Show

We would like to look back with you on a fantastic evening in which you were an important part. Several photos were taken during this evening. You can find them here:  Photos Ocean Outdoor Launch Event

We would like to thank you for a great evening! Watch the after-movie below!

Aftermovie Launch Event 3 oktober

Aftermovie Launch Event 3 oktober

Ocean Nederland

The coming period will be marked by, among other things, a renewed pricing strategy that facilitates cross-media deployment. Investments will be made in new data, techniques and research and we will organise the Ocean Creative Contest in Amsterdam in the spring of 2020. From the beginning of 2020, Ocean Nederland will work from a new office in Amsterdam.

Ocean is the largest digital OOH media operator in the Netherlands. With 285 large-format screens in 168 locations, Ocean has a national proposition with a daily reach of more than 200 million contacts. In addition, we have real-time data that makes it possible to draw attention to brands at the right time, in the right place and to the right target group.

Ocean Nederland forms part of Ocean Outdoor Limited. Ocean is the market leader in the UK in DOOH with screens in the largest and most important cities in the UK (England and Scotland)..

For questions, please contact:
Marlies Smits: marlies.smits@oceanoutdoor.nl of 06 1076 6161.

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