Unlocking the Power of Out of Home Advertising: A Journey Through Consumer Engagement

In a world where brands have been around for over a century, reaching millions of individuals daily, we still find ourselves thinking about the impact of advertising.

Recently, the Out of Home Advertising Association of America shared some interesting insights: 88% of adults notice Out of Home (OOH) ads. More exciting is that 78% of these engaged consumers took action!

Dive into the Numbers

When taking a closer look at the statics the following results stood out. Among those who noticed OOH ads:

  • 76% used their mobile devices to explore products featured in the ads.
  • 51% used their phones to gather more information about the advertisers.
  • A significant 43% made online purchases directly! [1]

The Web Shop Category: A Perfect Match for OOH

There’s one category that stands out within Out of Home advertising – the Web Shop category. With people increasingly making purchases through their phones, the combination of OOH and mobile advertising is an unbeatable duo.

The Science Behind the Impact

Over the last couple of years our team at Ocean UK conducted a neuro-insight research, measuring real-time electrical responses in the brain as people were exposed to different stimuli. One of the insights was that people who’d seen digital DOOH first responded more strongly to advertising on mobile devices, even when not linked to the campaign they had seen on DOOH, than those who’d been exposed to television. Moreover, the priming effect was even stronger when people were responding to creative executions from the same campaign, creating lasting brand associations.

Success Story:

One of our clients, DIDI, a prominent player in the Web Shop category for women, partnered with us to boost their brand awareness among their primary target audience – women aged 35+ with medium to high income. With a multi-channel approach, they spread the message through OOH, TV sponsorship, newsletters.

Over the 4-week campaign period, we delivered 29,283,283 impressions, reaching people with significant purchasing power (+4.65 above average). Of these, 50.2% were female, and 31.74% were women aged 35+.

Analyzing the data, we found the following:

  • Website visitors increased by 38% during the last week of the campaign, with a 31% increase in the first week.
  • Average turnover per week grew with 59%.
  • Conversion rates increased from 1.90% to an impressive 2.41% per week.

Crafting Memorable Journeys

In the world of advertising, it’s all about leaving a lasting impression during a consumer’s journey. Out of Home advertising has been doing this for decades, reaching audiences during key moments throughout the day.


[1] https://oaaa.org/news/out-of-home-ads-drive-real-world-action/?  (Based on poll of 1461 adults in Nov 2022)