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Ocean Outdoor Nederland, launched on 3 October, is the market leader in DOOH, the fastest growing specialisation within OOH. With a national network of 190 locations and 331 screens, we reach more than 20 million contacts every day. Partnerships with various data parties ensure that advertisers can reach the right target groups at the right times. Ocean will continue to invest in the latest DOOH technology and research capabilities, further expanding our position as a media operator of high-quality DOOH assets. Ocean Nederland will establish a new head office in Amsterdam in the first months of 2020. Furthermore, in the spring of 2020, the first edition of the annual Ocean Creative Competition Amsterdam will be held for agencies and brands in the Netherlands (postponed due to Covid-19).

Ocean Outdoor Nederland is affiliated with Outreach – the trade organisation of Out of Home operators.

The Ocean Group Network

Ocean Outdoor Limited is the parent company of Ocean Nederland. In addition to the Netherlands, Ocean Outdoor is the market leader in the UK in DOOH with screens in the largest and most important cities in the UK (England and Scotland). In addition to the acquisition of Ngage Media and Interbest, from now on Ocean Nederland, Ocean recently announced the acquisition of Visual Art Media. As such, we are expanding our digital network in Northern Europe to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

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