With Ocean Labs, we continuously invest in innovative techniques to make Digital Out of Home (DOOH) more relevant, inspiring, impressive and interactive for the public. We use our iconic locations, large-format DOOH, data and state-of-the-art technology to create groundbreaking solutions for brands. Solutions that ensure a stronger emotional connection between brand and target group. Where full-motion content boosts the medium and campaigns, Ocean Labs solutions take campaigns to the next level and make the medium even more relevant to today’s audience.


We have developed several applications that can be used in the best locations in our network. For example, it is possible to surprise the public in a shopping centre with a compelling augmented reality experience, to connect people via smartphone or to strengthen a campaign via on-site brand activations.


All guaranteed eye-catching experiences with endless possibilities. Below, you can view the applications and various executed cases for inspiration. All Innovative Applications are white-label and can therefore be fully customised. Do you have ideas for a groundbreaking campaign or do you want a brainstorming session to further explore the possibilities? Please contact us at

Ocean Labs mogelijkheden

Ocean Labs - Photo Booth


The Ocean Playground is the ultimate place for brand activations about a DOOH campaign. It is also a unique place where Ocean invites advertising agencies, media agencies and brands to try out or test interactive concepts for a campaign. The Playground is located at the large digital screen in the popular shopping centre, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands. The screen is equipped with all the technologies to create a groundbreaking campaign. Augmented reality, sound, mobile connection, brand activation or all of this combined? Anything is possible. Do you have a creative idea for a campaign that needs to be tried? Please contact us.

Ocean Labs - Augmentend Reality

Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality (AR), visual effects are superimposed over the real world to give people an extraordinary experience. Effects that make it possible to highlight parts within a campaign, create games or put people in a completely new world. Ocean’s interactive screens are equipped with groundbreaking technology to provide audiences with a sensational brand experience that is guaranteed to deliver attention and surprise. Transform screens into a new world, enrich the environment with funny elements, have passers-by transform into another character or challenge people with fun game elements. Emphasise the unique elements within a campaign with Ocean’s white-label AR applications. Read more about Augmented Reality here.

Ocean Labs - Configurator


The configurator makes it possible to configure a car, shoe, bicycle or many other products within a campaign live on Ocean’s large digital screens via a smartphone. The public composes their own product based on colour, design and many other features. The public’s smartphone acts as a remote control for the giant screens, making it possible to highlight important elements of a campaign. Involve the public in a unique way and make a campaign interactive with the Ocean configurator application. Read more about the configurator here.

Ocean Labs - SocialBox


The Socialbox is an application that displays social media posts from any channel, account, location, brand, hashtag or artist ‘live’ on the digital Ocean screens. The application creates a live connection, as it were, allowing interaction with the public. Reviews of a restaurant or service? The first reactions to a film première? Photos or videos from a festival or trade fair? Using the Socialbox,
user-generated content can be used to enhance a campaign. Read more about the Socialbox here.


The Ocean Labs applications can be used on a selection of the large-format digital screens in the Ocean network. Screens selected based on scale, position, running flow, location and digital connection to generate the best possible impact.

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