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Ocean Outdoor Nederland is the market leader in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), the fastest growing specialisation in Out-of-Home (OOH). With a national network of 195 locations and 335 screens, we reach more than 20 million contacts every day. Partnerships with various data parties ensure that advertisers can reach the right target groups at the right times.
To further develop our position as a media operator of high-quality DOOH assets, we will continue to invest in the latest DOOH technologies and research capabilities.

The Art of Outdoor®

Ocean Outdoor is the curator of Europe’s largest commercial art gallery. Using digital screens at premium locations, we create the most iconic and impressive canvases in the world of out-of-home communication.
The Art of Outdoor is a deliberate focus on popular target groups and locations using the latest technology, research and data.
A facilitator of digital connectivity in the OOH world.

DeepScreen™ Amsterdam Leidseplein

Ocean DeepScreen™

Turn an ordinary campaign into a 3D experience through Ocean DeepScreen™. DeepScreen™ is a manipulation technique that mathematically distorts images into an optical illusion. When these images are viewed from a specific angle, the illusion of depth (3D) is created on a flat surface. As such, objects appear to float on a virtual stage in or behind the screen. Read more about DeepScreen™. For more information about how you can give your campaign a 3D experience, please contact us at sales@oceanoutdoor.nl.

Ocean Digital Creative Competition Amsterdam

This year marks the first time that Ocean Outdoor Nederland, in collaboration with Adformatie, will be organising the Ocean Digital Competition in Amsterdam. A competition that revolves around the most unique and creative idea in Digital Out-of-Home in the categories Commercial and Non-Profit and a competition in which anyone with a creative idea was able to participate. The nominees, per category, have a chance to win €500,000, €250,000 and €100,000 in gross media value. You can find all the information on the Digital Creative Competition page. The online award show took place on 17 June 2021. Check it out below.

Unique game release with HTML5

A unique creative idea in which relevance and creation merge
Case study
Ubisoft case Den Haag Centraal
  • Report a malfunction

    At times, one of our digital screens along the motorway or in the city may show a black image or parts of the screen may have a different colour. Or the canvases hang loose on the conventional billboards, etc. Naturally, we would like to know about this! Please report the malfunction to storing@oceanoutdoor.nl or visit the ‘report a malfunction’ page.

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