Turn an ordinary campaign into a 3D experience. DeepScreen™ uses the age-old technique of ‘anamorphosis’, also known as forced perspective. This is a manipulation technique that mathematically distorts images into an optical illusion. When the images are viewed from a specific angle, the illusion of depth (3D) is created. DeepScreen™ adds a new dimension to a campaign and transforms 2D content into a unique, impressive 3D experience that surprises the audience.

DeepScreen template image

Ocean makes 3D accessible

Ocean’s patented DeepScreen™ templates can be used to correctly distort the artwork and create a unique illusion on the screens. For example, by expanding the current architecture and allowing the object to float and approach the viewer for a moment of surprise. Use the templates creatively and create a window to a new world!

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands the Carousel - Ocean Outdoor Nederland

Format, scale and locations

Forced Perspective in DOOH is all about scale. The largest screens create the best experiences and Ocean’s impressive screens make DeepScreen™ campaigns stand out even better. Ocean’s select DeepScreen™ locations are in strategically chosen pedestrian areas that do justice to the experience.

  • Amsterdam Leidseplein
  • Rotterdam Binnenwegplein
  • Westfield Mall of the Netherlands The Unlimited
DeepScreen™ Amsterdam Leidseplein

Full motion is king

DeepScreen™ works best on full-motion screens. Our eyes are trained to see and follow everything that moves in our environment. According to English research, full-motion screens have more effect than static messages. This means that the advertisement can be ‘the most striking object’ n the view of the passer-by.
A full-motion screen will attract attention better and therefore the campaign will stick better in our long-term memory.

More information

If you want more information about DeepScreen™? Feel free to contact us.

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Sales support

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