Attention to sustainability

Sustainability is a top priority at Ocean Outdoor. We want to create a balance in the social, ecological and economic field throughout the organisation. This means we take sustainability into account throughout the organisation. For example, Ocean Nederland has a new office with an A+++ energy label, electric cars and bicycles are being introduced within the organisation to reduce CO2 emissions and the consumption of kWh on the screens is carefully examined. Within Ocean, innovative ways are continuously being devised to operate as sustainably as possible as an organisation.

The CO2 performance ladder

Ocean Outdoor was created in the Netherlands in 2019 through the merger of Interbest and Ngage Media. The operating company Ngage Media B.V. is actively working on its CO2 reduction. The CO2 performance ladder is a standard to encourage companies to be CO2 aware in their own business operations and in the implementation of projects. This mainly concerns saving energy, the efficient use of materials and the use of increasingly sustainable energy. More about this can be found at

Our most recent CO2 performance ladder certificate can be found at CO2 performance ladder.

A. Insight

It all starts with insight into existing CO2 emissions. The following CO2 footprint has been drawn up based on our emission inventory..

See also our portfolio at


B. Reduction

As a company, we have formulated a number of objectives based on the A. Insights, the emission inventory. We want to use this to actively reduce our footprint.


C. Communication

We would like to periodically inform you about our CO2 performance via this page on our website. In addition, we have a communication structure in which we have described our internal and external communication.

You can contact us at any time with questions about our CSR policy.


D. Participation

Through the following initiatives and participations, we want to encourage CO2 reduction more broadly in the chain, beyond our own footprint.

Social involvement

Ocean’s social involvement is expressed through various projects. We support social projects (financially and with media) such as Mentality Foundation, recruitment for the Johan Cruijff Foundation, the ALS City Swim and Nederlands Fonds Gehandicapten Sport. Following the SME Support Fund, where Ocean Outdoor gave free media to more than 250 ailing SMEs during the Corona crisis, Ocean Outdoor has started the Ocean Bluefund: the aim of the Ocean Bluefund is to support enterprises/brands that help social entrepreneurship grow faster by providing a nationwide media network at heavily discounted rates. For more information about the Ocean Bluefund, please send an e-mail to Cultural institutions and charities can also advertise at a reduced rate. Amber Alert and NL Alert can immediately break into the existing programming in the event of a missing person.

More information can be found here ‘Ocean’s attention to corporate social responsibility‘.


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Please contact us if you have any questions about our CSR policy.

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