10,5 m²

Screen size


Digital screen

Facts Utrecht Gildekwartier

  • N126
  • Digital
  • 10,5 m²
  • D-OTS: 518.519
  • Spot length: 6 sec.
  • Loop length: 60 sec.

Large-scale digital advertising

Advertising at Ocean gives you the unique opportunity to attract the attention of a large audience with creative content. Making an impact has never been so easy! By using moving images, your campaign will be viewed 52% better than when you work with stills (source: Validators). In addition, your campaign will hold attention for longer and will be visible from a long distance.

Campaign in the loop

The full-video screens run in a 60-second loop. So your campaign will reappear every 60 seconds! The loop consists of commercial and non-commercial content. It is this variety in content that ensures attractive programming that holds the attention of passers-by for a longer period of time.


Do you deploy your campaign on multiple screens and do you find it difficult to set up your images in different formats? Don’t worry! Our creative design studio is always there for you. Together, we get the best out of your campaign material!


We work with a clear and transparent rate structure for deploying a campaign on our screens. Every location has a CPM. CPM stands for Cost-Per-Mile, the amount you pay per 1,000 contacts.
We work with different basic CPMs. These depend on various factors such as conventional (static/analogue), digital (animated stills, also called subtle animation of 15% movement) and full-motion (moving image and the possibility of interactivity). When determining the basic CPM, the type of location is also taken into account. Types of location include motorways, shopping centres, city centres and public transport.

To arrive at a transparent price, we multiply the base CPM with various variables:
Reach: also referred to as screen reach;
Target: this is a choice you can make based on target group, geography or adaptive use;
Duration/Pass time: taking the duration versus pass time into account. This means every passer-by has the opportunity to see the entire loop as they walk or drive past our screens;
Markt index: the market index is variable and depends on current affairs and historical data.

This formula makes it possible to calculate the campaign price, campaign reach and campaign CPM. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.

Created by Ocean

Want to make an impact, but no campaign material available? Our design studio is happy to help you on your way. The designers produce campaign spots or translate existing material into any kind of content on the screens. For the production of a spot, €600 will go a long way. Production costs vary depending on your wishes. We can translate or convert existing material for as little as €37.50 per location.

Interactive campaigns

Want to truly interact with your audience? Many of our digital screens are equipped with the latest technology. With our Innovative Solutions, you can set up various interactive campaigns. Examples include SMS campaigns, live streams of major events, Speechbubbles or a Configurator campaign!


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More information

If you want more information about large-scale advertising on digital, preparing the campaigns or about something completely different, please send us an e-mail at sales@oceanoutdoor.nl.

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Sales support

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